Veil & Tiara Tips
From the Top of Your Tiara to the Tip of Your Toes
Everything needs to be secure yet feel comfortable and look fabulous
Tiara or Head Piece
Better to purchase a bendable Tiara so it will form to the shape of your head more easily.
Use 2-3 small white garbage ties slipped through the frame of the tiara and twisted. When the tiara is placed use bobby pins over the twist ties - they secure beautifully and solve the problems that often come with many a bad fitting and unbendable tiara.
If you want to wear flowers instead of a tiara, use silk ones - they secure better, aren't as heavy and won't wilt in excess heat.
Bridal Cathedral Veil Bridal Veil & Headpiece brides-apr-10-2015043.jpg Bridal Hair Gems & Veil Asian Bridal Headpiece Bridal Headband & Veil Bridal Head Piece Bridal Cathedral Veil
Whether cathedral length, short blusher, extravagantly full or wispy, the face shape, body frame and dress style should be taken into consideration when deciding on the best overall look for your veil style. Overall balance is key.

If you decide on a cathedral length, you need an excellent bridesmaid who will watch out for all the potential snags and keep it out of harms way till removed. And, of course, one of the easiest ways to control the situation is to gently wrap it around your arm possibly twice very loosely while in transit.
Wearing your veil in the back allows you freedom from constantly pushing it out of your way when signing the register, cutting the cake or looking down at your little flower girl in during prayer.
Make sure the comb is secured so that slipping it on and off is easy. Also a wire comb is more flexible and molds to the head better than the common plastic ones.
Alternatively loops can be sewn in place of a comb so a hairpin can slide through and secure the veil to the hair. This is good for those that choose to wear their veils on top.
Bridal Veil & Flower Headpiece brides-apr-10-2015035.jpg brides-apr-10-2015034.jpg
Vintage Bridal Attire-Courtesy CBC
brides-apr-10-2015033.jpg Bridal Hair Gem
Avoid the fancy shmancy bobby pins with a flower or gem stone attached. They are a very difficult hair accessories to pin into the hair in a way that is flattering.
Wearing a hat in place of a head piece and veil or nothing at all are other options. What matters is how you feel and how your overall image looks. Hats work well for day or afternoon weddings - or for the Moms or Grand Moms of the joyous couple.
A gem, pearl or floweret on a circular wire works beautifully and holds well yet is easy to remove when you're ready to.
High Definition Makeup & Hairstyling
Emmy Kwok, Bride
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HD Makeup
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