Makeup Tips - Mature Brides, Moms
Leah Stanwyck, Bride
High Definition Makeup & Hairstyling
The 7 Essentials
#1 Tip - It's more about the tools and application techniques than the products.
The #1 makeup trick for any age is great skin with or without makeup and it starts with a cleansed and exfoliate face - nightly! The busy, vibrant woman who isn't easily fooled out of her hard-earned dollars can avoid a plethora of "anti-aging" products or cosmetics that promise you everything from a twenty something looking skin to a white knight in shining armour - especially when engaged in a good cleaning, moisturizing and protection regimen.
Even Skin Tone
#2 Tip - Be consistent - use either warm (brown tones) or cool (blue tones) to harmonize with your hair and eye colour, and your ensemble.
of even skin tone, well-shaped brows, strengthened lashes, softly dramatic liner, rich lips and natural looking cheek colour are what give you the ageless look of a soft, yet confident demeanour. The tricks are in the tools and the correct techniques. Time-tested, professional techniques can be found through the links below.
Mature Bride Mother of the Twin Brides
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Guests were even taking pictures of my hair - they commented that it was a work of art comparable to a Botticelli painting! Your skills are unsurpassed - an exceptional artist!
"Thank-you again for the wonderful trial! My mother and I had a wonderful time!"
Irene King, Bride
Asian Traditional Bridal Tea Ceremony brides-apr-10-2005034.jpg brides-apr-10-2005033.jpg
For the non-professionial who hasn't the time to make makeup a top priority, simply keep it simple.
The 7 Essentials
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HD Makeup
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