Pro Lessons for Destination Weddings
High Definiton Makeup & Hairstyling
Enjoying your wedding in an exotic land or remote location?
Paying for a skilled artist doesn't fit into your budget?
  You and your gal pals want to learn pro skills to bring out your best looks?


Take advantage of a lesson with Celebrity Master Artist Sharon Danley for you and your bridal or gal pal party. Make it a special day and learn from an expert how to do your makeup (including false lashes, lips that last) and hairstyles that you can do - all like a pro - the fast and easy way.
Step by step guide and materials so you have a reference - whenever you need it.
Reference pictures of each step in the process.
One month of email or phone coaching from date of the lesson.
Makeup and hair demonstration on the bride, or selected participants.
Streamlined, double duty products available for purchase or recommendations for alternatives.
Tips on organizing your clothes, products and hair equipment for efficiency, speed and ease.
Pick a day when you'll have another event or photo shoot to attend afterward.

With Your One-time Investment in a Professional Lesson
You can Use this Expert Information Over and Over and Over
 For All Your Special Events
Special Occasions, or for Everyday Looks that Last
Well, don't miss out on looking great on special days - and everyday!
 avoid blotchy, uneven skin - use a humidity proof, spf (without interferring with flash photography), non-transferable foundation that looks luminous, but not greasy
Your Personal or Group Session Includes
Let me Help You
Design and Document Your BEST Look(s)
to go with Your Wedding Gown and Theme
or for
the Office, Media Event or any Special Occasion
So You can Re-create Your Look - Whenever You Want
3 Hour Lesson, 2-8 Participants
 Makeovers for 2 Participants
   On location - $450
   Home Studio - $400
3 Hour Lesson,10+ Participants
  Makeovers for 3 Participants
Organizer is FREE
On location - $50 each
2 Hour Lesson, 1 Person
   On location - $275
   Home Studio - $225
"It was a great pleasure meeting you and having such an uplifting experience."
Karen Barclay, R.N., M.Ed
"You definitely made the show worth coming to. Your presentation gave us all something we could take home with us. Thanks again! It was very enjoyable and informative!"
Anita Burns
"We had a great time, and it was all thanks to you. So many things to learn! Thanks a million for taking the time to join us and share your wealth of knowledge and brilliant spirit. You made our party so much fun and we learned so much."
Nathalie Marion
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HD Makeup
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