Jr Bridesmaids
Age appropriateness and suitable styling leaves everyone happy - especially the "Little Women".
High Definition Makeup & Hairstyling
Kisses for Sharon from Asian Flowergirl
Junior Bridesmaids
When it comes to the makeup and hairstyling for the young Misses its best to keep it age appropriate. And what does that mean? OK - some details.
A touch of gloss and sweeping hint of a light pink or peach over the cheeks can make the little princess feel like she's about to step into glass slippers. Its the personal attention they love. Keeping it youthful and fresh by camouflaging where needed, accenting where suitable and balancing where required is the key for that fresh and natural youthful look - yet there needs to be enough for pictures.
Makeup - Flowergirls
Between 12 and 16 a young woman goes through many changes including breakouts. The trick is to keep that natural freshness while camouflaging where needed. It's the amount of product and how its used that's important. Generally, a light concealer or foundation strategically placed and topped with a dual powder seals the deal on clear skin tone. Shape brows without overplucking and seal with clear mascara. Use a brown eyeshadow for eyeliner on the top lid and 2 shades lighter for the bottom outside corners. Top with a thin coat of brown mascara. A soft neutral shimmer over the lids and pink or peach blush swept over the cheeks works for most femmes. Finish up with a coloured gloss or long wear lipcolour and voila - junior miss feels like Miss Universe.
Incorporating these tips, planning ahead and utilizing the services of a skilled artist will make for a fun experience on the day and give the added assurance you are making the best decisions in the makeup and hair design so you, and she, can enjoy pictures and videos for years to come.
East Indian Twins brides-apr-10-2007043.jpg Flowergirl Blonde Curls & Bangs Flowergirl Updo Jr Bridesmaid - black hair updo Jr. Bridesmaid - Updo Jr. Bridesmaid - Half up Curls & Bangs Jr. Bridesmaid - Half Up with Wringlets Twin Flowregirl Updos Jr Bridesmaid - Half up sleek Blonde Flowergirl - Updo Jr. Bridesmaid - Half Up Hairdo brides-apr-10-2007032.jpg brides-apr-10-2007031.jpg brides-apr-10-2007030.jpg brides-apr-10-2007029.jpg brides-apr-10-2007028.jpg brides-apr-10-2007027.jpg brides-apr-10-2007026.jpg
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HD Makeup
brides-apr-10-2007005.jpg brides-apr-10-2007004.jpg brides-apr-10-2007003.jpg brides-apr-10-2007002.jpg brides-apr-10-2007001.jpg