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Airbrush, cream, liquid, tinted moisturizer, mineral powders, dual powder - yikes! What's a gal to do? I'll say it again - the tools you use and the techniques applied are more important than the products you use. Foundation brushes, clean sponge wedges and puffs help give you that smooth HD feel and finish.
To pop the eyes in a natural, fresh looking way, natural shades work best (bisques, taupes). Coupled with an even skin tone, they allow for the true colour of your eye to show through. Same approach for gel liner. Brown for fair skin lovelies and black for black skinned beauties. Yippee - and gel liner is waterproof too.
Some gals love bronzer, but strategic placement is the key. It's meant for a sun-kissed look - NOT as a contour or a warmer change of skin colour. Use a combination of colours in either the warm or cool family to give cheeks a true blush look and then use a bronzing powder across the mid range of the face and in the center of the forehead with a slight touch on the chin - that's all.
Reception lines, clinking glasses, romantic dances…all these memories are sealed with a kiss and can take a toll on a gal’s lips! But now, every bride can relax thanks to long lasting cosmetics and kissproof lipcolour! My Fave is Maybelline Superstay and its accompaning balm is perfect for pictures. Tip: For a 3D lip, darken the corners and highlight the centre.
Cheryl Hickey's Bridesmaids
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The Essentials
The pot of gold at the end of the makeup rainbow, lashes are often overlooked, yet they give the drama we crave without that makeup gone wild look. Natural looking length and thickness are what's important and great for photos.
Finishing Touches
Correct and Natural Brow Shape
Dubbed Toronto's Eyebrow Queen, I agree with other international experts specializing in custom brow shaping, correction and re-design that when great eyebrows are framed and arched correctly you make people look at your eyes, not your brows.

   According to Elke, "eyebrows should be sisters - not twins".
• Use 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color for a natural look.
• Use 1-2 shades darker than your hair color for a dramatic look.
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Shadow & Liner
Photo Courtesy Heavenly Weddings Photography
“So many compliments from guests....thanks sooo much for helping me get the dream look to go with our dream wedding. I would recommend you to all the brides all over the world!"
 Jennifer Ha, Bride
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Lips & Blush
Blush and Lip undertone should be kept in the same colour family (warm or cool) and a soft sweep is more appealing than tire marks on the cheeks.
The most natural approach for that golden glow is to use a natural coloured, soft shimmer powder to highlight collar bones and shoulders and a dusting across the eye or cheeks. Use it sparingly so it doesn't interfere with flash in photos or videos.
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HD Makeup
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