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Flowergirl Chin Length Blonde Half Up Soft Curls - Back Flowergirl Chin Length Blonde Half Up Soft Curls - Side View Flowergirl - Wringlets Half Up Flowergirl - curly updo - back Flowergirl - curly updo - side
Flower Girls often have thin, wispy hair so less product is better - I prefer a flexible hairspray. For fine hair put it up in a pony tail high on the crown with ringlets or curls that are allowed to bounce. This can be very cute, keep the hair out of the way and help eliminate hair grooming throughout the day. Whether short, medium or long, the choices are endless, but what matters is what suits the young girl's face and her hair type.
brides-apr-10-2012039.jpg Flowergirl - Wringlets Half Up with Hairband
Juniors usually have thicker, longer hair and often more oily. There are numerous styles to choose from, but best to keep it age appropriate. Often vintage looks (which can be achieved with a crimping iron) are attractive, fun and keeps the look age appropriate. Best to work with the natural curl or straightness of the hair type - its easier and requires less grooming and avoids frustration. Hot rollers or rags the night before add smoothness, lift and volume to whatever curl look you are going for. Various extension styles and clip on pony tails can also do wonders.
Jr. BM - Soft Curl Updo Jr. BM - Straight Half Up & Cornrolled Front Jr. BM - Half Up Long Curly
The key to head bands, flowers, halo rings, ribbons or tiaras is balance, proportion and fit.
Make sure head bands or tiaras have a flexible wire base to mold to the head. Avoid silver covered bobby pins with decorative gems - they are often too stiff for most hair and are hard to secure in a soft natural way. Silk flowers are much lighter, won't wilt and easier to fasten than real flowers.
Jr. BM - Half up very Soft Curls with Hair Ropes Cascading to Crown Jr. BM - Updo of Soft Curls & Tendrils
Enhance natural curls and work with them to keep your look soft. Best to wear straight hair that's been curled up or pinned in place so you don't have to worry about the curl relaxing especialy in inclement weather.
The classic half-up, half-down style for junior miss or flower girl is always a good choice. And a crown pony tail with curls or ringlets work especially well. Crimped hair for a vintage look also adds texture.
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