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High Definiton Makeup, Hairstyling & Eyebrow Shaping
Perfectly shaped brows Before Eyebrows - 4 - Greek After Eyebrows - 4 - Greek brides-apr-10-2008021.jpg After Eyebrows - 1 Before Eyebrows - 2 After Eyebrows - 2 Before Eyebrows - 3 Before Eyebrows - 5 - East Indian After Eyebrows - 5 - East Indian Before Eyebrows - 6 After Eyebrows - 6 brides-apr-10-2008012.jpg brides-apr-10-2008011.jpg brides-apr-10-2008010.jpg brides-apr-10-2008009.jpg Sketch of Correct Eyebrow Shaping After Eyebrows - 3 brides-apr-10-2008006.jpg
Sharon takes into consideration your face shape, bone structure, hairstyle and facial mannerisms and corrects your brows to give a fresh, uplifted, well-groomed appearance.
She also guides you through the specific techniques to maintain your personal shape with a little consistent maintenance so you always have your signature look expressing a timeless, beautifully-groomed state.
As a Brides-Beautiful or Sharon Danley client your brow shaping or correction is complimentary with your personal session.
Like the perfect frame for a classic picture brows enhance the art and structure in a face in a subtle way rather than compete for focus.
The Architectural Foundation of the Face
    Initial Session $40 - Maintenance $25
Toronto's Eyebrow Queen, Sharon Danley, Master Artist, is one of the best eyebrow shaping experts in Toronto. She is a master at reshaping brows that are uneven, have been poorly tweezed or waxed or that have been completely ignored.
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