Makeup Tips for Brides From Many Lands
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Number one for a glowing complexion on the special day is a consistent skin care regimen. And we mustn't ignore the value of lots of water, nutritious food, exercise and plenty of rest as part of a healthy lifestyle that shows up in glowing skin, strong nails and shiny hair.

Next - make sure your skin tone is even and foundation matches exactly. As the décolleté is visible with many bridal dress styles, make sure there is a smooth look to the face, chest and shoulders in colour and tone.

Dark skinned beauties look best when there is a golden rather than ashy tone to their foundation. Young Asians desire their natural skin colour and prefer the centre of their face to be naturally highlighted. Indian brides are enhanced with tasteful, gold iridescence on their eyes or slightly on the lower lip to compliment their elaborate jewelry. Mediterranean lovelies prefer everything from minimal to intense makeup - balance is key. In the Scandinavian, British Isles or cooler countries, complexions are extremely pale to ruddy requiring neutralizing the undertone.

A great warm-red lipstick goes well with the Chinese Tea Ceremony dress. Traditional Indian dress can be complimented with an array of rich blue-reds. And of course, with the traditional white wedding dress, the bride is best complimented with a lip colour that harmonizes with her colouring and attendants' dresses and flowers.
Avoid lipstick that's too bright or light on pale complexions. Two tones (darker in the corners and lighter in the center) are best to give depth or a 3D look for photos that last a lifetime.

Eyes in any ethnicity are the focus. The darker the skin tone and intense the eyebrow hair and lashes, the more attention should be placed on shaping the hair than using excessive product.

Only dark skin and hair warrants black eyeliner and even then it should be the darkest brown rather than black if you want a timeless, natural look. A soft matte or shimmer rather than glittery finish is also more graceful and refined. Its about the bride's charm, not her makeup - in any language.

Avoid creating an unnatural crease in eyes - it draws attention to the makeup rather than the incredible beauty of the natural Asian eye or hooded eyes shapes reflective of the young Lauren Becall.

Clear mascara or brow gel are wonderful products to keep eyebrows swept up and held in place. Apply up and outward and then hold down for about 10 seconds to lock in place.

Whatever the ethnicity, unless a bride has amazingly thick lashes, then false ones, properly trimmed and customized to her face and eye shape, are one of the best ways to achieve intensity for the camera and head table, yet not look overdone for the receiving line or up close encounters.
“I love my new eyebrows…that part alone was worth it for me! I loved the rest of the makeup, especially the eyes. I didn't want to take those lashes off! The hair was perfect, too.”
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