Keeping organized with some form of filing system is an excellent way to avoid stress, to be consistently updated on everything and have quick and easy access to important information when you need it. Tuck bag should include hair pins, lip gloss, lash glue, small hair spray, rat tail comb, safety pins, hand wipes, tide spot pen,

Having your speech prepared well ahead of time is a must for de-stressing and building confidence. Make sure to practice it out loud and use a recorder for refining the nuances.



Bridal Tips
Six weeks prior to the big day make sure you are using a healthy skin regimen. Exfoliation, moisturizing and sun block are the three biggies on the hit parade of having a glowing complexion on your special day.
Plenty of sleep, good quality food, 1-2 litres of charcoal filtered water and deep diaphragmatic breathing three times a day are equally important. Emotional management for pre wedding stress is essential. Journalling is great - especiallly if you have no one to talk with or who gives you full attention without judgement. These are essential components in preparing for, and taking charge of, one of the most important days in your life.
Using one artist for either/or both hair and makeup for the entire bridal party will pay big dividends to ensure a harmonious look. If more than one artist is needed, it's a good idea to let the artist use their own assistant so looks will be kept consistent.
Consider the flowers, wedding theme and attendants' dress colours when choosing the makeup hues with your artist.
The style of the wedding dress is the foundation from which makeup and hair should be designed. In general the smoother the lines of the dress, the more sleek the makeup and hair should be, and vice versa.

It's a wise idea to keep the wedding party, including the Moms, in either a warm or cool colour pallet. This creates a feminine strength and keeps the look elegant, graceful and chic.
brides-apr-10-2003043.jpg Asian Bride & Groom Bride & Groom - Makeup & Hair
The bridal party traditionally "helps" the bride with executing many of the details. So delegate, delegate, delegate with good instructions and make sure to thank the attendants for jobs well done - and publicly whenever possible.

Remember the basis of your marriage is the union of two people committing their lives to live in love and harmony. It's important to put as much attention into the blueprint of your life together as it is for your wedding day plans.
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Flower girls' makeup and hair should be age appropriate. Be careful not to use makeup or a tiara that is too overbearing or adult looking for a little princess.
1920's Bride Makeup & Hair
High Definition Makeup & Hairstyling
Traditional East Indian Bride & Groom Asian Bride Airbrush Makeup & Hairstyling Carol MacNeil & Richard Stursberg  - 1940's makeup & hair
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and Father of the Bride
  Irene King Wedding
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HD Makeup
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