1 person
           2 people
           3 people
           4 or more
Take the worry out of keeping fresh after tears, kisses, eating
or inclement weather. Personal attention, makeup and hair refreshing is available for the entire bridal party (including groomsmen - for better pictures and videos) - up to
       (a) Conclusion of Rice Throwing - $250
       (b) Conclusion of Photo Session - $375
       (c) First Dance - $500
       (d) Return for evening event or new look - Inquiries Welcome
Lisa Ambrose, Bride
Excellent Quality
Private Label Makeup
is Used and Available for
Purchase Convenience

For further information and
to Reserve your Wedding Day
Call (416) 361-9662
or email
My heartfelt thank you to the beautiful brides and their parties
for allowing their images to be shown on this site. - Sharon Danley
brides-apr-10-2019048.jpg Classic Bride
Makeup & Hairstyling for the Bride + Pre-wedding Beauty Planner, Consultations for Bridal Party, and Lessons for Everyone!
     Tons of Tips, Tricks & Techniques - $125
     Either Makeup OR Hairstyling - $100

We email your pics and log your details and special requests in your personal file for the Big Day.
Gain extra value - pick a date when you'll have a function to attend afterward.
Trial Run
Bridal Couple
Special consideration for minimal makeup or hairstyling - inquiries welcome
Adding and styling full set of clip-on hair extensions or extra long hair - additional fee
Fixing previously styled hair for better balance and suitability - inquiries welcome
Asian Bridal Couple
(1) Makeup AND Hairstyling
(2) Makeup OR Hairstyling
(4) Day Services
(3) The Younger Set
Flower Girls (up to 12 yrs) $65
Junior Bridesmaids (13-17) $85
Premium Hair Products - including a Brides Beautiful Exclusive -
Toppik Thin Hair Solutions - (reg $25 value)
Airbrush or tradition makeup products + Kissproof lipcolour for your "HD Ready" look
For the Bride - The Special Attention Needed for Tiara and Veil Securing
For Dad - Enhancements for Better Pictures
Pricing is all inclusive !
(mileage may apply outside GTA)

$200 each
$180 each
$150 each

$150 each
$130 each
$100 each
High Definiton Makeup & Hairstyling
Naturally Dramatic Eye Lashes for the Bride! (reg $10 value)
Twin Brides & Grooms
           1 person
           2 people
           3 people
           4 or more
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- 416-361-9662
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HD Makeup
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