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A great hairstyle should look amazing, be a solid foundation for your tiara and veil to be secured to, feel comfortable and when the veil is removed still look great and last - all day and night. And when it comes down for the last event of the evening the bride shouldn't look like the "Bride of Frankenstein".

For brides who choose to go with flowers, jewelry or nothing at all, the hairstyle is very important in the complete bridal image. A good hairstyle will balance the body frame, compliment the face and enhance the dress and the mood of the overall style or theme.
If you want a hairstyle that will last all day, be maintenance free, and stand the test of time in your pictures, then a classic, elegant updo is a great choice.

And you shouldn't be afraid to go near a magnet due to excess pins, or be confronted with a headache or experience a weighted down feeling like your neck is disappearing into your chest either.
Classic Bridal Updo & Veil at Ear Level Classic Bridal Makekup & Hairstyle Classic Bridal Updo Intertwined with Hair Ropes
On hot, humid summer days, hair swept off the neck will be welcomed indeed - especially with the added heat of a synthetic veil and non-breathable dress fabric.
From short and sassy to long and lovely - the style you choose is a reflection of your personality and the message or mood you want to project. Now that's great for gals with poetic locks that do just what they want with very little care.

But what about the rest of us - HELP? The confusion over product solutions is overwhelming and we're bombarded by the ever growing number of choices. Don't listen to the advertising - listen to a trusted stylist or friends who've used the products.
Half Up Long Softly Curled Hair with Floral Head Pieces
And when checking out a new stylist, ask to see their portfolio and speak to a couple of their clients. And if you don't have a good stylist or one that will be available for your day, a trial run with someone new is a must to get the optimum style you are looking for and relieve any anxiety about your wedding day appearance.

"We've come a long way baby" with hair pieces, styling aids, extensions and products that every gal can use to her advantage. It's just knowing what's best for you. Here are a few pointers that can help - not only for the big day, but for every day.

#1 Tip: A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, healthy grains and proteins, plus the ability to manage stress effectively have major impacts on your hair's shine, elasticity and maintaining its thickness.
Only wear covered elastics when putting hair up, and don't wear it up all the time. The hairline becomes weak and hair breaks off in time from the constant pull.
Classic Bridal Updo using Hair Extensions Soft Curly Long Hair Using Extensions
Before making drastic changes, try wigs or software programs to see how you’ll look with the change first.
Styling Aid Tips
Extensions are great for adding volume and length! Clip-ons are an easy alternative to permanent ones, if you don't want to agonize growing your hair just for the day. You can even use the pony tail clip-on by removing the comb and sewing in 3 toupee combs. Another inexpensive solution to bulk up your hair.
Heat activated sprays for rollers and curling irons give extra body and hold.
Classic French Twist with Pearls Chignon at Crown - Brunette Classic Barrel Curl Chignon with Hair Jewel
High Definition Makeup & Hairstyling
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HD Makeup
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