Styling sprays help control hair during styling. Sebastian Hair Shaper is one of the best styling and setting products for most thin to medium textured hair. And an excellent cheap and cheerful alternative is Dove Flexible Hold in the pump container which is environmentally responsible.
Finishing sprays give good hold and extra shine. Sebastian Laminates or Spritz Forte are excellent products that won't flake or break the hair. Framesi Shine In is also excellent for styling, holding and shine. And of course the cheap and cheerful alternative is Dove Extra Hold - great product and eco friendly.
Hair Product Tips
L'Oreal Studio FX Melting Gel is good for a soft spiky look. To add volume try this and also Dove Gel Volumizer. Wella Liquid Hair adds shine, is very workable and has a slight shimmer. Also try Schwarzkopf Spray Wax for extra hold.

Joico Brilliantine Shine & Defining Pomade is terrific for extra hold without that muddy, dirty feeling.
L'Oreal Professional Gum or Swartzkoff Osis Fibre Gum are excellent for dry, dull, curly, or unruly hair, keeping it smooth, manageable and shiny.
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The Right Products and Correct Styling will Make Your Crowning Glory Amazing

When you've finished your makeup and hair preparations, check in a three-way mirror for neatness and balance.
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“…we would like to say thank for making us look so beautiful…..I cried like crazy, but still managed to look like a million bucks at the end of the night. Most importantly, my husband was breathless when he saw me….you did such an amazing job!!!”
Amanda Tu, Bride
High Definition Makeup & Hairstyling
“Hi Sharon! I want to thank you again for fantastic hair on my wedding day. Everyone looked absolutely stunning and their hair stayed looking fabulous the whole evening!”
Lisa MacFarlane, Bride & Hairstylist
Sharon, was at my home to apply our make-up and came to the rescue in the most astonishing way possible. Experiencing a disaster at my hair salon, Sharon not only made us look radiant with her skillful make-up application, she reworked all the hairstyles with poise, efficiency and an intuitive sense of how we would each look at our best. She delivered nothing short of a MIRACLE with what would have been a total hair "disaster."
You were a GEM, and I am so deeply grateful to you for going the extra mile.
Bridgette Atkins, Bride
Flat beer adds volume and shine to fine, thin hair and diluted vinegar also adds shine.
Curly, straight, thin, thick, coloured, permed all require different care techniques. Curly hair should use stronger conditioners and very little shampooing, whereas fine, thin locks should use volumizing shampoos and detangler rather than conditioner. Colour treated and permed hair should use shampoos and conditioning treatments specifically formulated.
Use a clarifying shampoo once in a while to remove residual product build up which interferes with natural shine. Only use conditioners at the ends of the hair to avoid undue flatness (except for curly, dry hair). Comb through the hair before rinsing for optimum penetration without heaviness.
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HD Makeup
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