About Sharon
A Master Artist preferred by the celebrity and business elite with 20+ years experience, Sharon provides premier on-site makeup and hair services in Toronto and South Central Ontario.

She is a respected leader in creating glamour, character, corrective and exotic transformations for the full ethnic range, distinctive looks and age range - while always incorporating your personal style preferences.

Her live show experience in HDTV, new media and film enable her to work exceptionally fast while thoroughly attending to every detail of the finished look.
Keeping abreast of all fashion trends, advanced tools, products and techniques augments her classic, timeless approach to working with you in creating the look of your dreams.

Sharon excels in updo, period and modern elegant, comfy hairstyling along with flawless, lightweight, natural looking, and well researched all day makeup so the focus stays on the bride's personality and charm.

Her skills have garnered her esteem by her peers and led to training other makeup and hair artists in the special techniques of bridal images. The best are then chosen to join the Brides Beautiful team for their skill, professionalism and attitude.
“I love what I do and the successes my clients achieve. While utilizing my skills to serve others, I in turn receive exhilarating fulfillment. I look forward to providing you with exceptional service and building a solid association.”
                                             Thank you,

                                            Sharon Danley, Master Artist

A complete resume is available on request
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David Suzuki
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"Everyone was thrilled with their looks. Your hygiene, efficiency, attention to detail, willingness to accommodate special requests and the warmth you showed everyone in your chair was supreme. You truly are the consummate professional in both service and artistic skill."
High Definition Makeup & Hairstyling
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HD Makeup
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